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The Brava Project

The Brava Project (2/2000 - 11/2002) was supported by the European Commission within the Framework of the first Call of the IST (Information Society Technologies) Programme. The project was coordinated by Institut National de L'Audiovisuel , in partnership with Snell&Wilcox, leader in the domain of high-end video equipment, other broadcast archive owners, (RTP), Universities (TU Delft, TCD Dublin), SGT.

The project aimed at developping tools for digital restoration of large amounts of broadcast archive documents (video and film), and for re-exploitation purposes. The project built upon earlier developments realised within the framework of the AC072 Aurora project.

The Brava project is of considerable importance for the preservation of the European cultural heritage. It will provide tools for re-exploiting the huge archives programme stocks available from archives such as INA, RTP or RAI.

The effort was oriented towards restoration of archive programmes, up to the 'broadcast' quality level. This will provide the missing link to supply the emerging programme streams and bases with a complete range of programmes of multiple sources.

The Brava project was organised in tight relationships with the archive methodologies, and with the users.

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  • For more details : Jean-Hugues Chenot / INA

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